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Upcoming events

High School Seniors - The 2021 First-Year Scholarship application period is open!  Our application period is open until March 15.

     Click the "Students and Parents" tab at the top of this page to get started.  You'll need to set up a profile - be sure to use an email address that you will continue to use after you graduate from Solon High School.  Use this link for instructions on filling out your application click here.  As Solon Dollars for Scholars is affiliated with Scholarship America, we need to use their application process.  It is quite detailed, but you do not need to fill out everything in order to apply for our scholarship - you are only required to complete the items that have a double asterisk (**).  Please contact Amanda Stahle if you have questions with the application.  Good luck!


College Students - Continuing Education Scholarship applications will open in May, 2021.  When it is open, please follow the same process as you did in prior years - using this link for a refresher - click here.  Remember, you will apply to the Continuing Education Scholarship instead of the First-Year Scholarship.  Once open, applications will be accepted through July 1, 2021, with interviews with our committee happening later that month.


Future events

Solon Shootout Youth Basketball Tourney - March 2022


Fall Gala Fundraiser - October 2, 2021


Click here for entry form and rules.



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